Mediation can be an excellent resource for divorcing couples. Studies have shown that when both parties are involved in creating their divorce agreements, they are more likely to comply with these decisions in the divorce decree.  I mediate both joint petitions and individual petitions as long as both parties are willing to participate, and one spouse is a resident of New Hampshire.

In New Hampshire, there are 22 items which, if applicable, must be addressed in a divorce decree.  These items include:

  • asset division (including retirement funds)
  • payment of debts
  • property allocation
  • financial support of children and parenting plan
  • support payments
  • health and life insurance
  • taxes

Decisions regarding these issues can all be made in mediation. When agreements are reached, I will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding which will become the basis of your divorce decree. You may then take this document to court yourself (called filing pro se) or have an attorney file it for you.

Although I have specialized training in NH marital law, I do not represent either party, nor will I participate in any court proceedings for either party. 

For additional information on the divorce process see: Resources