Dispute Resolution

Mediation is... constructive, confidential, and cost effective.
Mediation is useful in many areas of decision making or disagreement if both parties are willing to meet together and discuss their concerns and options.

We have found mediation successful in the following areas:

  • separation/divorce decisions
  • parenting schedules and custody issues
  • asset/debt responsibilities
  • adolescent-parent issues
  • estate planning and distribution issues
  • eldercare decisions

Note: Mediation may not be appropriate if a restraining order is in effect or if there is a significant, unaddressed power imbalance between the parties.



Our fees are comparable to other professional services, although lower than many attorney fees. For the services of a professional mediator, the fee is $175 per hour. This fee can be shared with each party being responsible for part of the fee, or one party can pay the full fee. We accept cash or checks, MasterCard or Visa payable at the end of each session.